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contemporary art, fiber art, connections, MFA, zip ties, knots, sewing, braiding, fasteners, weaving,

Fibers, Fasteners (Bandaids, Bungee Cords, Zip Ties, Etc...)
50" x 104" x 3"


 Connections is a fiber-based artwork composed of various fabrics I collected from multiple people throughout Ada County. Using found materials, I connected the different swatches of fabrics in expected and unexpected ways. While investigating this piece, there are locations where the fibers are overly secured, comfortably supported, pinched too tightly, or even hanging by a thread. This piece is a symbolic exploration of the various interpersonal relationships that humans create throughout their lifetime. While looking at these connections, I began looking at artists such as Sheila Pepe, who creates fiber installations that foster community and interactions between people.

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